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On Monday, FOX Forecast Center is Monitoring Severe Weather Outbreak in South

Lightning Big Top 04242022

As the new year begins with a lot of storms, a dangerous serious weather outbreak is expected Monday for eastern portions of Oklahoma and Texas and continuing eastward into Arkansas, Louisiana, and western Mississippi.

The Ark-La-Tex region seems to have the greatest likelihood of severe storms, based on the FOX Forecast Center.

Monday morning brings the start of this unsettling weather pattern when a strong storm system, known as a “Colorado Low” because of where it intensifies, pushes east off the Rocky Mountains.

There will be two main regions to observe as the day passes.

MON Severe Outlook

The first region will be a slowly destabilizing warm sector that is anticipated to form Monday afternoon in Eastern Oklahoma and Texas and spread eastward into Arkansas and Louisiana. The FOX Forecast Center predicts, as Monday goes on, enough daytime heating will create a climate favorable for supercell thunderstorms.

Although the number of storms that form is still unknown, any storm that can arrange itself well enough could become a powerful tornado (rated as EF-2 or greater).

Along with the chance for a tornado, huge hail up to the size of a golf ball and wind gusts above 60 mph are all possibilities. Shreveport, Louisiana, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Tyler, Texas are a few places where there is a particularly high risk of a powerful tornado, according to the NOAA Storm Prediction Center, which predicts a “very likely” likelihood of severe storms.