Omicron Plunges People Into Poverty; 3M Online Petitioners Seek $2000 Monthly Stimulus Check

Stephanie Bonin, a Denver restaurant owner and the petition’s organizer, wants adults to get $2,000 per month and children to receive $1,000 per month in stimulus checks. Her petition asks for periodic monthly checks to be sent until the Covid-19 outbreak ends. The online petition has been signed by over three million people and counting, with Omicron blazing around the country. 

Started With Petition posted that Bonin noted on the online petition that the United States is still suffering and that the recovery hasn’t benefited many Americans. Low-wage workers have an actual unemployment rate of over 20%, and many people have substantial bills from last year for expenses. These are all reasons why checks should be targeted at those who are still struggling, and Congress should take note of the lessons learned this year. 

All but three of their 15 employees were laid off temporarily. Bonin was aware at the time that she and her husband would not be eligible for unemployment benefits. Their employees would receive benefits, but they would not be matched by their weekly salary or tips. Duo Restaurant, which provides farm-to-table contemporary American food, was forced to close due to the situation, according to CNBC report. 

Congress took nine months to send a second stimulus check and only moments to spend it. If specific conditions are met, Congress should make regular checks automated in the future.

Because federal and state aid to combat the epidemic had not yet been established, there was no plan for what would happen next.

Pending Actions From Government 

Even though the omicron variety is causing a Covid-19 revival, some small companies are closing, and schools are questioning whether students need to attend lessons in person. Meanwhile, legislators on Capitol Hill are debating how to administer aid, particularly for small firms like restaurant chains.

On Capitol Hill, the Democrats’ Build Back Better program has stagnated. Despite Sen. Joe Manchin’s call for tighter targeting of that aid, that bill would permit extra child tax credit payments. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said that more help for Americans could be added to an upcoming federal funding bill.

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