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Older woman marries her “true love” at last 42 years after her mother raised concerns about their interracial wedding

In the case of Jeanne and Stephen Watts, genuine love ultimately finds a way back. When they first started dating in 1971, Jeanne’s family objected, thus they were unable to get married. However, they were engaged 42 years later and are trying to make up for all the “lost years” now. When he proposed, I said, “A thousand times yes,” Jeanne said. She was a student whereas he was a graduate of Chicago’s Loyola University when they first crossed paths. “He was the love of my life. I have sincere love for him” she stated.

Sadly, it didn’t work out since Jeanne’s mother was against her getting married to a Black man. She went completely off the tracks, Jeanne stated, adding that she didn’t want this relationship to develop at all. They were able to date for 7 years despite this. However, the meetings became challenging once Jeanne completed nursing school and started work because they required a long journey and Stephen did not own a car.

I was extremely surprised by everything, Jeanne admitted. She said, “The family concern always bothered me because it permanently damaged my mother and my connection. I had always loved her and considered her to be my mother, but our bond was impacted for the rest of my life.” Although the pair had discussed getting married, Jeanne was hesitant to proceed. Her “whole family” would have been lost to her. She also said to Stephen one day during her shift at the nurse’s station, “I love you, but I simply can’t be doing this.”

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