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Oklahoma School Choice Bill Approved; Who Is Qualified?

Oklahoma School Choice Bill
This is a representation photo showing a red apple fruit on four books as lawmakers recently approved the Oklahoma School Choice bill. (Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash)

As part of a state’s $800 million education package under the Oklahoma School Choice Bill, many American families with children may qualify for tax credits worth up to $5,000. 

The Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit Act, also known as House Bill 1935, was approved by a vote of 75 to 25, according to The US Sun

Refundable tax credits of up to $5,000 would be established for families with children who don’t attend public schools.

Oklahoma School Choice Bill

This is a representation photo showing men and women sitting on chairs as lawmakers recently approved the Oklahoma School Choice bill. (Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash)

Oklahoma School Choice Bill Approved; Who Is Qualified?

The Oklahoma School Choice Bill (per OCPA) aims to give parents, guardians, custodians, and other people with legal custody of children in this state the freedom to select educational options that are appropriate for their particular children. 

The Legislature declares that parents and legal guardians are the finest people to make decisions enabling kids in this state to realize their full potential and have a brighter future. 

The tax credit, which would pay $5,000 per student for parents whose children attend private schools and $2,500 for those who homeschool, may be claimed to start in the current tax year.

More than 37,000 children will attend Oklahoma’s 207 private schools in 2023. 

The bill must yet pass the Senate, so its passage is not assured. 

Also, Governor Kevin Stitt would have to ratify it.

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How Other States Expand School Choice?

USA Today said some legislators contend they are implementing what parents want by introducing or increasing access to school choice programs like charter schools, vouchers, and other choices. 

Just like Oklahoma School Choice Bill,  a measure in Utah that allocates $42 million for a state-wide universal school voucher scheme was adopted by lawmakers recently. Earlier this month, Republican governor Spencer Cox signed the bill into law. 

Voters in Utah already repealed a voucher legislation by placing it on the ballot. Still, since such large percentages carried the proposal, it cannot be undone now.

Kim Reynolds, the Republican governor of Iowa, approved a measure this week allowing millions of tax funds to be spent on private schools. Although a similar proposal was defeated during the previous session, Reynolds assisted in the election of new state legislators.

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