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Northern California authorities trap and capture 2 gray wolves

California Department of Fish and Wildlife reported on Friday that 2 members of the state’s tiny but increasing gray wolf population have been found and placed with tracking collars, supporting the state’s conservation programs.

According to the agency, they were able to find and catch the 2 wolves on March 17 in Siskiyou County thanks to “irregular signals” coming from one wolf’s broken collar. The wolves were fitted with satellite collars, sending the department continuous location updates.

After that, they were returned to nature.

“The catch of these wolves is excellent,” said Kent Laudon, wolf specialist, and senior environmental scientist for the department, in a report. “We misplaced the last operational satellite collar just last summer, and ground capture operations afterward have been ineffective. We’re thrilled about the new collars and information since a lot of individuals spent time making this happen.”

The state’s wolves were driven to near extinction in the 1920s, so collaring them and tracing their activities is essential to recovering the population. The California Endangered Species Act protected the gray wolves Act since 2014, and it is banned to hunt or harming them. The lack of the top carnivore has had a significant damaging influence on the food chain.

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