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New York: Jessica Chrustic Calls for Justice for Her Dog’s Death; Attacker Still at Large

Six months ago, Jessica Chrustic and her beloved golden retriever, Moose, were walking in Prospect Park when a man suddenly attacked them.

Chrustic said she had seen the man many times, but one morning in August, she saw a man carrying a garbage bag and a long, thick walking stick. She tried to get Moose away as possible. However, the man took out a Gatorade bottle and started spraying liquid – turns out to be urine – on her, as Fox News reported.

She hurried Moose up some nearby stairs, but the man struck her lower back. Moose tried to protect her; however, the man hit the dog across its face with a sickening crunch.

Chrustic said the suspect took off as several people nearby helped her. She immediately brought Moose to the veterinarian for emergency dental surgery, though they failed to diagnose Moose’s internal wounds. The dog died five days later from sepsis.

Jessica Chrustic sent flyers for information regarding the attacker’s identity, following the police’s advice.

Jessica Chrustic sent flyers for information regarding the attacker’s identity, following the police’s advice. (Photo: Patch Media)

Seeking Justice

According to Yahoo News, the police have told her to follow and identify the attacker. Though feeling aghast, Chrustic followed the advice. She said several people have encountered the suspect in the park and even shared some photos in hopes they could help. An elderly woman who had seen the attacker called her on October 21. She immediately went to the park until she saw the suspect and even followed him, worried she might lose him before the police arrived. However, the man saw her, ran at her with mace, and grew increasingly erratic. She called 9-1-1 multiple times while running, but the police arrived around 40 minutes later.

Several Park Slope residents have expressed their anger at the lack of action from the police. Several people, Chrustic included, have sent the police to where exactly the suspect slept and stayed. Meanwhile, 78th Precinct Commanding Officer Frantz Souffrant, acknowledged their incompetence but said the investigation remains ongoing.

Chrustic has been calling for justice since then. However, several progressives objected to the arrest of the suspect, who turned out to be a Black man and appeared mentally unwell.

The dog owner then sought help from her city council representative, yet, she only received a reply from a spokesperson of Shahana Hanif’s office: the police weren’t “the vehicle to bring safety to our community.”


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