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New York Becomes Sixth State in the US To Approve Human Composting Law

The natural organic reduction also referred to as human composting, is now recognized as a valid technique of burial in New York, making it the sixth state in the union to do so.

On Saturday, Democratic governor Kathy Hochul approved the bill. Human composting was first made legal in Washington in 2019, then in Colorado and Oregon in 2021, and Vermont, and California in 2022.

According to Howard Fischer, a 63-year-old investor who lives north of New York City, “I am committed to having my remains composted and my family understands it.” It is entirely up to my family to decide what to do with the compost once it is finished.

Fischer’s alternative, environmentally friendly manner of burial is consistent with her life’s philosophy, which is to live healthily.

The procedure includes putting the deceased person’s body in a reusable container with plant matter like wood chips, hay, and straw. The organic mixture creates the ideal environment for naturally occurring bacteria to carry out their tasks, completely decomposing the body in roughly a month.

A cubic yard of nutrient-dense soil act as 36 bags of soil—is the end product, which can be used to plant trees or improve conservation areas, woods, or gardens.

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