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New Jersey Mom Fatally Kills Her 17-Month-Old Son

New Jersey mom
New Jersey mom found guilty for killing her 17-month-old son. (Photo: TRUE CRIME DAILY)

A new jersey mom and her boyfriend were charged and arrested after she fatally killed her 17-month-old son on May 2018.

New Jersey mom

New Jersey mom found guilty for killing her 17-month-old son. (Photo: TRUE CRIME DAILY)

New Jersey Mom Was Sentenced

A New Jersey mom Heather Reynolds, 45 years old, was charged and arrested together with her boyfriend, Jeffrey Callahan. According to reports, Reynolds killed her 17-month-old baby by suffocating him with a cleaning wipe because he was getting in the way of her alleged affair.

Gloucester Township Police officers who responded to the home on May 10, 2018 said that they responded after receiving a report of an unconscious child on a lawn. The victim was identified as Axel Reynolds who was later on pronounced dead at the scene.

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Investigators Revealed the Cause of Death

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, investigators revealed that the New Jersey mom held a cleaning wipe that suffocated the 17-month-old baby until he died. This confirmed the report of the EMS who responded at the scene that the victim smelled like alcohol.

Additionally, the medical examiner said, “Axel died when a wipe containing isopropyl alcohol and detergent was placed over the mouth and nose.”

New Jersey Mom Planned To Kill Her Ex-Boyfriend

It was also found during the trial that Reynols and Callahan planned to kill her ex-boyfriend, Domenic Caruso, because Caruso told the police officers about Axel’s death.

Needless to say, the New Jersey mom was gound guilty of first-degree murder, possession of methamphetamine, and endangering the welfare of a child in July. Meanwhile, she was not found guilty of plotting with Callahan to kill Caruso.

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