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New Congress Bill Passed to Block Websites- Parents Claim, Websites Encouraged Kids to Commit Suicides

In San Antonio- Congress is moving forward against websites, parents claimed; encouraged their kids to commit suicides. Troubleshooters appeared with the proposed new law, for the closure of these websites. Bombshell report told- we exposed similar sites, two years ago. This seems a dark side of the digital world, taking hundreds of lives in Texas and worldwide.

Kelli Wilson (Houston-area mother) stated, “I want households to be aware of the situation, and not to consider, it can’t occur to you, because it surely can.”

Her world shook, when her son, 18-year-old committed suicide. The mother found a website opened on his phone. It represents itself as a platform for discussing suicide and mental illness that is “pro-choice.” Pro-choice is defined as “We do not push you to do anything,” according to a welcome note.

But parents/families worldwide have come along, stating; websites not only just pushed but also, instructed their children to commit suicide.

We witnessed one post: “Best method to kill yourself?” Comments advised: “That is how you succeed.”

Wilson told- “Commenters were guiding and advising him to practice. What children do there is: they circulate their pictures on the web- so that’s what I had to look for, practicing pictures of him on the phone.”

She is in charge of a group of families worldwide, that support the shutdown of these sites. Federal law stated website owners can’t be sued for anything uploaded on their sites.

Later this year, troubleshooters told, an investigation for Suicide Assistance Forums opened by congress.

Rep. Lori Trahan said, “Suicide is rising and the nation is facing mental health issues and crisis.”

‘The Stop Online Suicide Assistance Forums Act’; a bill was passed by her. Will provide more power to The Department of Justice, to hold responsible people who post and create on such websites.

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