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New Collaboration Between SSA and Cerner: Improve Service Delivery


Currently, due to the delayed opening of many Social Services field offices – there is a huge backlog of information, records, and the Administration of records, calls, and accounts. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic, and more recently, the highly contagious (but not as deadly) Omicron variant of the COVID-19 pandemic, has caused havoc at the Social Security Administration.


Fearing contamination and wanting to act in the best interest of their staff and customers, the Administration has usually opted to deal with most interviews, applications, and queries over the phone or online. Unfortunately, this has led to incredibly long waiting periods – when it comes to service delivery. 

Speeding Up Data Flow

In this light, any initiative that aims at speeding up the lengthy process of data processing in the Social Security administration is highly beneficial. According to Becker’s Healthcare, one such initiative is the agreement between Cerner and the US Social Security Administration. 

According to the online report, the collaboration between these two parties – the ‘collaboration’ will help speed up the disability benefits claims by migrating more towards an ‘electronic health record retrieval system.’

In further detail, the collaboration between these two parties will allow the transfer of ‘patient-directed’ medical records between medical facilities and the SSA, according to this online report. The report further clarifies that, at present, most medical records received by the SSA are faxed or mailed to the Administration. In addition to this, this leads to a relatively long waiting period for disability benefit claims to be processed and decided upon.

This new partnership or collaboration, according to the report, will allow for easier flow of data – and data automation. Furthermore, hopefully, it can lead to fewer administrative burdens and reduce both costs and labor needed in this process mentioned above. Lastly, in this regard, the goal would be to eliminate the cumbersome use of paper records. 

To conclude, according to this report found on the site as mentioned above, the project will be piloted with three of Cerner’s clients in the coming month. Following the outcome, plans to expand will be offered to clients who wish to participate.


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