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Narcissistic Personality Disorder And Love: All You Need To Know

Several people indulge in a relationship with narcissists; they experience great trouble connecting emotional chords. The obvious inference to this observation is adverse; people with narcissistic attributes cannot understand love; they take unfair advantage of their partners for personal gains. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) hampers an individual’s personality to blend in with the common world. PsychCentral reports that merely 5% of Americans suffer from NPD, individuals with narcissistic traits besides NPC have a normal personality. These individuals are self-centered and crave everyone’s attention; they need to be at the center stage in society.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder And Love: All You Need To Know

Individuals with NPD cannot care for their partners

The mental institutes have marked various attributes for a person with NPD. PsychCentral reports that such individuals have grandiosity and arrogance; they are also envious of others and lack empathy. Individuals with this personality disorder exploit others for selfish needs; they fantasize about enormous success and impossible power. Individuals with NPD are obsessed with personal attributes, including looks and intelligence; they cannot bear others’ supremacy. The mental health and personality experts say that these individuals feel entitled to most things or other individuals. The experts warn individuals with family members suffering from this disorder. The survey reports show that NPD individuals are incapable of romantic relationships.

Narcissistic personality results in abusive relationships

The meaning of love changes for individuals with NPD; they don’t possess a natural ability to love and care for others. PsychCentral reports that the majority of characteristics of NPD are contrary to love. The relationships involving such individuals are likely to be doom. The relationships are based on mutual care and care respect among partners. However, people with NPD are incapable of caring for and respecting their better halves or partners. Engagement in a relationship with narcissistic individuals will deprive others of freedom and security.

The individuals in a relationship with NPD individuals should remain extra cautious and impose definite restrictions on their partners. Several mental institutions and public campaigns inform about such irregular personality traits to help the sufferers. The individuals witnessing an abusive relationship should seek external help; they need to keep track of the public organizations that help people get rid of such relationships.

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