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Nancy Pelosi Deciding to Keep Leadership Role or Not, Nancy Clears She is Not Leaving Congress Yet

Nancy Pelosi isn’t ready to enjoy Washington’s farewell yet. She declares and clears her supporters that she is not leaving congress. Currently, the democratic house speaker said to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that the attack on Nancy’s husband (Paul Pelosi) is very dangerous and threatening. And it may change her decision to leave congress and retire. It builds confusion regarding what she meant by this statement. Whether she is resigning from the post of Democratic House Leader or leaving/retiring from congress.

In a recent interview on Sunday with George Stephanopoulos, Nancy cleared the doubt and confusion by opening up to the ABC news anchor she stated ”I don’t have any recent plans to leave Congress yet.” In 2018 when Pelosi started her second run as House Speaker, she told that she will only take the role of speaker for a maximum of four years, that’s it.

With the change and confusion in the situation, many people believe that Pelosi will continue her role as a House Speaker. From Tuesday, the votes continued to come and they’re increasing too, however, Pelosi is quiet and didn’t open up on her plans. It has seen some popular and powerful names floating in the air to replace her role as a Top House Speaker of democrats.

Nancy’s Statement About Democrats

According to Stephanopoulos, Nancy also explained, from day one, she stood strong and believed in her faith that democrats will not perform poorly as the polling shows, and she believed democrats will be going to perform well in 2022.

While the pundits of Washington said that ”we couldn’t win, because of the history we had and they also yelled history, history, history.” On this, Pelosi said ”elections are all about the future and not history.” She also added ”I’m very proud of both of our candidates: our red to blue candidates as well as our incumbent candidates. There is a popular message from Nancy Pelosi ”People before Politics.” 

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