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Myocarditis Following Covid Vaccination: Ongoing Research on Potential Long-Term Risks

In 2021 October, in Detroit, after a week of receiving the first dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccination, Da’Vion Miller was spotted unconscious in his bathroom. He was aware that something is wrong with him, and after two days of getting vaccinated, he started to feel pain in his chest. And also, dizziness, fatigue, and lack of breath.

Miller was sent to Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital and the miller was diagnosed with myocarditis. The doctor of his advised him not to go for a second dose of any covid vaccines either it may be Moderna or Pfizer. Miller said ”I was like, that’s crazy.”

Miller is one of them from a small group of people, who have experienced myocarditis from covid vaccinations in the United States. Myocarditis is a disease and condition which is related to a number of viral infections, and coxsackieviruses, including influenza and covid as well, for a long time.

Any Long-Term Risks of Myocarditis?

According to Disease Control and Prevention Center, since 2020, in the U.S., millions of covid vaccine doses have been provided to people, out of them 1,000 reports are about myocarditis (which is related to vaccines) in children below 18 and primarily young males.

Most of them who suffered from this condition fully recovered. Research only looked for and concerned about how they’re reacting after several months. The concern of some doctors is if it can lead to permanent damage to the heart. But thankfully, this condition doesn’t cause cardiac-related death, said by an agency official.

About Myocarditis and Vaccines

Based on CDC, the majority of cases of this disease have been seen in young men from 16 to 24 years old. The agency, also said they don’t have available exact data regarding the total number of cases in adults and youngsters.