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MSNBC personality complains on Twitter over the suppression of the lab leak theory: “Accuse the Conspiracists”

In an outburst from his Twitter account on Sunday and Monday, Mehdi Hasan of MSNBC maintained that “the right” was too responsible for attempts to restrict debate of the lab leak idea.

The host of “Mehdi Hasan Show” initially retweeted a comment made by Nate Silver, the founder of FiveThirtyEight, who criticized scientists and government authorities for trying to silence alternative views on the coronavirus’ origins.

“Welp. I’ll never forget the actions of a certain group of scientists who tried every possible trick to prevent discussion of this matter. A  serious injury to public health and science. They should be really ashamed,” On Sunday, Silver tweeted.

Hasan answered, “The right first linked the “lab leak” *theory* with “China bioweapon” theories and continues to do so with “anti-Fauci theories,” which is the obvious reason why numerous people weren’t prepared to debate it. Accuse the conspiracists.”

In comparison to original statements made by scientists that the COVID-19 pandemic had organically emerged from a Wuhan wet market, the U.S. Energy Department discovered that the outbreak was most likely caused by an unintentional lab leak in China. The lab leak scenario was always believed to be a possibility, but opposing scientists have since disclosed that many of them were shunned or even suppressed from trying to investigate the issue.

Early on, a lot of media sources reported that the lab leak theory was false and had been disproven.

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