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More Migrants Will be Sent to New York from Colorado

Mayor Eric Adams stated on Tuesday that Colorado Gov. Jared Polis wants to send migrants to important cities, including New York, noting that the nation’s largest metropolis is already having difficulty managing an increase of individuals brought from Texas and other Republican-led states.

The state has been assisting asylum seekers in reaching their final locations, including New York City, for weeks, the Democratic governor told POLITICO soon afterward. The only thing that has changed is the current winter storm, which caused a travel disaster and a delay in migrants trying to escape Denver.

Adams made his remarks during a radio interview on Tuesday.

In a radio interview, Adams stated, “We were informed yesterday that the governor of Colorado is now claiming that they are planning to be transferring migrants to locations like New York and Chicago.” It is simply unfair that local governments must carry this national responsibility.

Adams’ assistant said that the mayor’s office was informed of the arrival Monday evening.

As in many other large American cities, Denver has struggled to meet the needs of an increase of migrants who have left their native Central and South American countries, crossed the southern border, and requested asylum in the US.  Based on the city, over 3,500 migrants have entered Denver over the past month, and each night over 1,800 migrant seekers have looked for shelters in the city.