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Monthly Payments Help US Residents Through UBI Programs in Massachusetts and California

Payments ( Photo: The Wall Street Journal )

One of these cities is Chelsea, Massachusetts, where a program called Chelsea Eats is providing monthly payments to 738 participants via a lottery system.

Payments ( Photo: )

Several cities in the US are now offering monthly payments to residents as a form of Universal Basic Income (UBI) to support them amidst rising costs of living

The program aims to help residents retain their buying power, and payments range from $200 for households of one to $400 for households of three or more. The recipients will receive their payments via pre-loaded debit cards, which they will have to collect in person. The second round of payments will be made on April 15th, and the final payment will be made on May 15th, after which the program will be discontinued.

Another city that has implemented a UBI program is El Monte in California, which has selected 125 households randomly to receive $500 per month for 12 months. To be eligible, residents must be single women who are heads of their household, with no spouse or partner living with them, and must have at least one child who is 17 years old or younger.

In addition, applicants must have an income that is at or below the federal poverty level, which is currently set at $19,720 for a family of two. Applications must be submitted by April 15th.

The United Way California Capital Region is offering $500 monthly payments to 80 households using the $750,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funds

To be eligible for this program, applicants must be Sacramento residents and must have an income that falls below a certain income cap. A single adult must make less than $28,205, while two adults must make under $43,201. A household with one adult and one child can make up to $49,945. The first phase of the program will end soon, and applicants for the second phase will be picked after that.

Apart from these UBI programs, another program is offering $500 “no strings attached” monthly payments. Furthermore, millions of people are eligible for direct payments worth up to $3,600, which they can claim if they do not qualify for any of the UBI programs.

These programs have been put in place to support those who are struggling to make ends meet in these difficult times, and they offer a lifeline to those who are in need of financial assistance.

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