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Mom’s Easy Tip for Handling Her Kid’s Tantrums Has Gone Viral Since It Works

Try practicing zoomies if kid tantrums are making you impatient. Based on a Georgia mom not only will your child stop screaming, but you’ll also feel more relaxed.

When dogs suddenly begin running around to burn off energy, it is referred to as zoomies, or frantic random activity periods (FRAPS).

When your kid is about to have a tantrum, this is how you gently parent — zoomies! A TikTok video with over 15 million views was captioned by Alivia Cromartie.

The trick for Kid’s Tantrums

The 18-month-old daughter of Cromartie, Icey, appears to be screaming and acting upset in the video. However, Cromartie, 26, soon resolved the situation by twirling in place. The young kid’s sad mood changes, and she starts to laugh. Many viewers were moved to tears when the video ended with Cromartie and a happy Icey sharing a warm hug.

Cromartie noted that it “Works every time.”

According to Cromartie, Icey was “cranky” because she was hungry.

She adds, “Icey gets irritated when her food takes too long.

Thankfully, Cromartie understood what to do before the toddler tantrum got out of hand.

“I’ve performed zoomies in a supermarket. I’ll run through the shops. She says, “I don’t care who sees. “The secret is to distract my child,” I said.

Cromartie continues by mentioning the countless messages she has received from fans who have tried the trick on their kids.

“They are like, “It works!” she explains. “I believe that people are shocked. But it does.”

One commenter on TikTok said, “This is useful for when kids are older because they just think to themselves that they need to go a run to calm instead of having the tantrum.”

Another was added, “Meltdown avoided…plus, cardio. Goals.”

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