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Millions Of Americans Can Get Discounted Or Free Electricity Benefits – See If You Qualify 

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Residents of Texas have an opportunity to qualify for free or discounted electricity as most of the state has deregulated service areas.

According to Eco Watch, In Texas, the regular cost of electricity has increased by 18% and ranges from 10.4 cents to 20.7 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh).

Texans might be able to even choose their own energy companies. This may be averaged out for monthly electricity bills to around $142.

However, the prices might drop depending on which energy company homeowners and renters select. Overall the state has 650 power plants owned by energy companies and dealers competing to provide support and help to their residents with the best electricity rates, according to Just Energy.

Those residents in Texas that are in those areas can shop for electricity choices and choose which plans work best for them. Regardless of whatever electricity service you contract, those utility companies should deliver the power to your homes.

Things You Should Consider When Choosing

Renters and homeowners alike should consider these factors when choosing an energy company. The very first important thing is to examine the length of your contract. These electricity companies have different types of plans or contracts that they offer to their customers.

Some of those companies provide contracts that last up to three years, while others companies offer month-to-month plans.

Take note that if you are selecting a three-month agreement or maybe longer, you could be charged an exit fee for finishing off the contract before the term ends. But, if you will choose a monthly plan, your rates will likely be higher.

The next thing for you to consider is the types of rates that each company offers, either a fixed-rate plan or a variable plan. A fixed-rate plan means that typically the customers will pay a predetermined rate each month per kWh.

While the market fluctuations won’t impact your bills, if prices of energy drop, you will not benefit from anything else.

A variable rate plan might give residents of better flexibility with no long-term commitment. Although, the usage of price per kWh will likely vary each month.

This just means that you may be at risk of increased rates if there is peak demand.

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