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McCarthy Challenges the Host of CBS to Make Democrats Accountable for their Election-Related Hypocrisy

On Sunday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy criticized the media for ignoring previous cases of Democrats contesting election results while targeting Republicans. He specifically called out CBS’ Margaret Brennen.

Brennen questioned McCarthy’s decision to nominate specific House Republicans to committees on McCarthy’s presentation on “Face the Nation,” even though many were allegedly rejecting the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

“70% of the House GOP members reportedly disagree with the outcome of the 2020 election, as per CBS data. You appointed many of them to important committees including Oversight, Homeland Security, and Intelligence. Why do you elevate those who are in such denial of reality?” Brennan questioned.

“If you check at the Democrats, their ranking member Raskin had the same issue and denied that Trump or Bush was present. Bennie Thompson” First, McCarthy.

Have you noticed the 70% number we just displayed? Brennan interrupted.

“In the investigated areas, did you act fairly and equitably? Bennie Thompson, a ranking member who served as chair, and Raskin both carried out the same act while serving as the Democratic Party’s chair, respectively, reacted, McCarthy.

Brennan regularly interrupted McCarthy to draw attention to this inconsistency, suggesting that the 2000 election was not appropriate to the matter at hand by turning the conversation back to it.

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