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Mark Zuckerberg is Turning Facebook into Meta, Billionaire- Barry Diller Stated Something Odd in His Decision

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Barry Diller has stated that something is quite odd in mark Zuckerberg’s decision of turning Facebook into meta. The billionaire Barry has questioned the decision of Zuckerberg. It is also believed that after changing Facebook’s name to meta, it has dropped its value of over more than 70%. On Monday, Barry Diller had some cruel statements and words for the founder of Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg.

Barry Diller is an internet and media conglomerate, and also, he is the founder of IAC. He stated that he has high respect for Zuckerberg, but he is disappointed with the decision of facebook’s founder. To turn Facebook into a metaverse, it is a digital universe and platform where users interact with each other through avatars.

About Barry Diller and His Statement for Facebook’s Founder- Mark Zuckerberg

Diller is a very successful businessman and a billionaire. He has earned billions by investing and founding several top companies like fox broadcasting company, Expedia group, and USA broadcasting. The billionaire is currently 80 years old and his net worth is around $3.8 billion.

In a current interview with Barry Diller with CNBC’s Squawk Box, he said that it is odd when you change your company’s name to an unknown name that doesn’t exist yet, by burying the old name that exists and is successful.’

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The spokesperson of Facebook or meta didn’t respond to it. Last year, after the name changed Facebook to Meta, Zuckerberg also changed the vision of Facebook where people used to connect with each other virtually and through reality devices.

The founder of Facebook has already spent $15 billion and also stated that one day the meta will be the platform where people will interact and the way they wanted the meta. But experts said that the technology is not enough yet, in comparison to competitive companies like Apple and Snapchat. And also, it is believed that many users have shifted to Social Media because of the poor graphics of Meta.