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March Social Security Payments: Recipients To Receive Benefits in 2 Days

March Social Security Payments
This is a photo representation showing a Social Security building located at 153rd st & Jamaica Ave as many beneficiaries are expected to receive March Social Security Payments. (Photo by CaptJayRuffins via Wikimedia Commons)

Are you anticipating your March Social Security payments? If you’re wondering how the Social Security Administration decides when to send your check, remember that it relies on both how long you’ve received Social Security benefits and your date of birth. 

Throughout the month, the Social Security Administration distributes its checks in waves. Continue reading to learn how your Social Security payment date is set and when you can expect it to arrive.

March Social Security Payments

This is a representation photo showing a social security logo as several beneficiaries will receive March Social Security Payments soon. (Photo via zimmytws | iStock | Getty Images)

March Social Security payments: How Much Should I Get?

The Social Security Administration provides benefits to handicapped and retired workers and their survivors. 

When a worker starts claiming March Social Security payments and their Main Insurance Amount, only two variables affect how much each recipient gets. 

Special attention is given to adults and children with disabilities who fall below particular income and resource levels and need Supplemental Support Income. Seniors 65 and older with financial resources below the requirements may also receive the help.

But The US Sun said your special payout may vary depending on when you start receiving Social Security benefits. 

Although you can enroll in Social Security as early as age 62, your payout will be lower than it would be if you waited until your Full Retirement Age (FRA). 

Your FRA is presently between 66 and 67 for the majority of retirees, depending on the year you were born.

Official data showed that the average monthly Social Security payout in January 2023 for all benefit categories was $1,961. 

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Who is Qualified?

AS reported that those receiving Social Security and Supplemental Support Income would receive two March Social Security Payments. The organization distributes one for Supplemental Support Income on the first of the month and another for Social Security on the third. 

The payment date is advanced to the earliest business day, nevertheless, if the first of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a Federal Holiday. When the first of the month comes on a Saturday, as it does in April, the payment is advanced to the Friday prior, or March 31. The first payment for 2024 will now be due on Friday, December 29, 2023, rather than the first of the year, which falls on a Monday.

When will I get my March Social Security Payment?

The following dates indicate when you should get your March Social Security payments and SSI funds:

  • March 1: SSI benefits for March. 
  • March 3: Social Security payments begin for anyone who receives both SSI and Social Security or has done so since before May 1997. 
  • March 8: Social Security benefits will begin for anyone whose birthdays fall between the first and tenth of any given month. 
  • March 15: Social Security payments will be given to anyone whose birthdays fall on the 11th through the 20th of any given month. 
  • March 22: Social Security benefits begin for anyone whose birthdays occur between March 21 and March 31. 
  • March 31: SSI payouts for April.

The Social Security Administration advises waiting three more mailing days before getting in touch if, due to your birth date or other reasons, your check arrives on a different day than the day specified above. 

Call 800-772-1213 to talk with a representative if you still need to get your March Social Security payments. (The SSA points out that wait times are shorter on Wednesday through Friday and in the late afternoon on workdays.) 

You can also obtain your Social Security benefits online.

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