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Man Stabbed and Beheaded His Wife in Northeast Philadelphia

Man stabbed and beheaded his wife. (Photo: Townhall)

Police authorities arrested a man in Northeast Philadelphia who stabbed and beheaded his wife because she was calling him names.


Man stabbed and beheaded his wife. (Photo: Townhall)

Man Stabbed and Beheaded His Wife

Ahmad Shareef, 34 years old, was arrested after he stabbed and beheaded his wife. Law enforcement officers said that the incident happened on Tuesday. The suspect claimed that he did it because she was calling him names. It was found that the suspect has a criminal record already.

According to a report published in News Radio KYW, police have been called to his home many times. His wife Leila Al Raheel was found beheaded in her kitchen along Magee Avenue near Hasbrook Avenue in Lawndale.

Moreover, police officers told a news outlet that she called his mother and sister and told them that she killed his 41-year-old wide. Then they called a neighbor to check the house. When the police and the neighbor went to the house, they found a gruesome discovery on Tuesday noon.

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Man Was Arrested for the Gruesome Crime

Shareef left the house and hid in a nearby school. Eventually, police authorities were able to pick him up and arrest him for the crime he committed. It was found also that he was already arrested before for shooting his brother and his record includes disorderly conduct and DUI.

According to a recent report, the suspect will likely undergo a mental health evaluation before he will present himself to the judge. Police authorities are also encouraging people who are experiencing domestic violence to call them.

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