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Man Out on Parole Stab and Choke His 11-Month-Old Baby in Connecticut, Cuts Off His Ankle Monitor

baby was stabbed and choked
Man out on parole stabbed and choked his baby to death. (Photo: iStock)

Police officials and the FBI are now searching for a man who is out on parole. He stabbed and choked his 11-month-old baby.

baby was stabbed and choked

Man out on parole stabbed and choked his baby to death. (Photo: iStock)

Man Out On Parole Killed His Baby

Christopher Francisquini, 31 years old, is out on parole when he committed the crime. He cut off his court-ordered ankle monitor before leaving. According to the Naugatuck Police Department, they are now searching for the man along with the help of the FBI.

In a published report in Miami Herald, he stabbed and choked her 11-month-old baby to death on Nov. 18 at his home on Milleville Avenue. Police authorities responded after they receive a call around 11:30 a.m. However, the 11-month-old baby was already dead when they arrived and Francisquini was not already at the scene.

Police Chief Asked the Suspect to Surrender

Police Chief C. Colin McAllister said, “Turn yourself in immediately. We will not rest until we take you into custody,” He also added that a warrant is out for his arrest. He will face charges such as murder and risk injury. The bond was also set at $5 million.

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Meanwhile, McAllister warned the public not to approach the suspect if they happen to see him. The Police Chief said that the suspect is armed and dangerous.

Was the Mother There When the Incident Happen?

Police did not reveal who called 911 to report the fatal death of the 11-month-old baby. It was found that the mother of the baby and the suspect had an argument before the police were called. A news outlet reports that the mother was not hurt.

Authorities believed that the suspect killed his 11-month-old baby before their argument started. They also believed that the mother of the baby was unaware of her daughter’s death at that time.

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