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Man In India Kills His 2-Year-Old Boy for Crying; 4-Month-Old Baby Choke To Death

Baby boy
2 baby boys assaulted by their own fathers. (Photo: Aftermath Services)

A 2-year-old boy in India was allegedly killed by his father for crying and a 4-month-old baby was strangled to death by his father after his wife refused to go home with him.

2 baby boys

2 baby boys assaulted by their own fathers. (Photo: Aftermath Services)

2-Year-Old Boy Killed By His Father

An intoxicated man in India killed his own son, a 2-year-old boy for crying, police authorities said. The Indian man was drunk when he went home and started assaulting his son when the baby boy did not stop crying. The killing incident was only learned of after the mother filed a complaint.

After the complaint was filed, the suspect was immediately arrested. The suspect identified by his first name Sudhakar worked as a security guard in an apartment, IB Times reports. The complaint showed that when the suspect arrived home he was in an inebriated state and assaulted the boy named Jeevan.

The 2-year-old boy, later on, died due to severe injuries. Meanwhile, it is still not clear to the police officers where the mother was when the incident happened. Furthermore, the authorities are still questioning the accused as part of the investigation.

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4-Month-Old Baby Boy Choke to Death

A similar incident happened in September. A man allegedly choke his 4-month-old boy after his wife refused to go home with him. According to a report, his wife decided to stay at her parent’s house and refused to return home with him.

The accused was identified as Sanjay Verma, 30 years old, who was heavily drunk when the incident happened. The man went to his in-law’s house and attempted to bring home his wife. However, when she refused, he snatched the 4-month-old boy from her wife and pushed him against the wall.

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