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A Lucky Virginian Purchased 264 Lottery Tickets, Each Worth $500


Jalen Taylor purchased 264 winning lottery tickets and won $132,000 in less than two months. According to the Virginia state lottery statement, each ticket won Taylor $500.On all 104 tickets he bought for the drawing on November 18, 2021, Jalen used the identical three-digit combination (9-6-0).

The lucky combination

Taylor bought two large lots of “Pick 3” (Pick 3 tickets), which require the player to choose a random three-digit combination between 000 and 999.

. The first batch, purchased for the Nov. 18 drawing, included 104 tickets with the combination 9-6-0. The second batch had 160 5-4-2 tickets for the Jan. 10 draw, posted. 

Matching all three numbers in the correct order is a one-in-a-thousand possibility, so Jalen’s second jackpot of $80,000 was a remarkable achievement. His $1 tickets were winners, netting him a six-figure sum in less than two months. 

According to MSN, he had a sensation, and he added that play when you get the feeling. Taylor aims to invest some of his winnings and save the rest.

How lottery money is split?

Taylor is one of many people who bought lottery tickets in Virginia in 2021, contributing to approximately $3.26 billion in sales. These funds are split up and distributed to several other parties.

Players can, for example, attempt to match all three digits in the same sequence as the number drawn. However, you may win the grand prize as a result of this. Alternatively, players can check all three digits drawn, regardless of order.

The Virginia Lottery claimed that more than $766 million of the almost $3.26 billion in sales went toward public education for kindergarten through 12th grade. Over $2.2 billion was returned to players in the form of prizes, $139 million to merchants who sell Virginia lottery tickets, and $147 million to fund operating costs, Newsweek reported. 

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