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Love Is Blind: The Season 2 Special That We Would Like To See

Love Is Blind: The Season 2 Special That We Would Like To See

It’s difficult to believe, but Love Is Blind Season 2 ended back in March. The reunion special that followed the season finale gave us an update on how the experimental daters were doing after getting married or splitting up. Love Is Blind After the Altar Season 2 will be available to those with a Netflix subscription very soon, so while we already know that a tonne more Love Is Blind is on the way, we recently learned that we weren’t quite done with Mallory, Iyanna, Kyle, Deepti, and the rest of the cast from the second season of the drama-filled dating show.

Love Is Blind: The Season 2 Special That We Would Like To See

In reality, the After the Altar special will premiere on the streaming site on September 16 and will be included in the 2022 TV schedule. Our main concern right now is what we hope to see in Love Is Blind After the Altar Season 2 when it premieres on Netflix, and we surely have some ideas on that, even though the trailer for the newest episode provided us some hints as to what will happen.

Apology from Shake to Deepti

Since I like to be thorough, and the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion occurred a few months ago, I did watch all of the debates that centered on Deepti and are-you-thin-enough-for-me-to-lift-you Shake. I could clearly recall that he made an effort to accept his villainous image and blamed it on how his acts were edited, but I couldn’t recall if he ever genuinely apologized to Deep. And, what’s this? Deepti was repeatedly told behind her back by Shake that he was so not attracted to her that being with her was like being with a family member, despite the fact that Shake never actually said the “a” word to Deepti.

The teaser doesn’t show any fresh images of Shake, but I would want to see enough of him to watch him muster up all the human compassion he supposedly possesses to sincerely apologize to Deep. She deserves more than the platitude “I could have managed that differently” after what he did. I agree,” he said to her at the reunion.

Kyle and Deepti’s relationship is developing

Kyle said during the reunion that he should have popped the question to Deepti rather than Shaina, the other obvious Season 2 villain. And since they have continued to hang out in front of a lot of people after the main part of the show’s filming is over, we have seen evidence that both of them have affections for one another. Although there are definitely hints in the teaser that things may have heated up between Kyle and Deep off-screen, I can’t wait to see how their connection develops even if they don’t (or didn’t) end up dating.

What occurred between Nick and Danielle, as well as Iyanna and Jarrette?

This is a significant issue, right? Iyanna and Jarrette announced their separation and impending divorce in a joint Instagram post just a few days before the Love Is Blind After the Altar Season 2 teaser was released. The only other married pair from Season 2—Danielle and Nick—then broke up, with Danielle apparently filing for divorce the day before we got the trailer for the movie.

For those who saw the entirety of Season 2 of Love Is Blind, none of these splits came as a huge surprise. Throughout the episodes, Nick and Danielle had a series of conflicts that rapidly escalated into heated clashes. Jarrette was also shown to still be in love with Mallory despite her rejection of his proposal, with Iyanna being clearly his second option. But by the time of the reunion, both spouses appeared to be making substantial progress with their problems. This means that we haven’t precisely seen what the breaking point was for either relationship. It would be interesting to see what moment in their conversations led to each couple’s decision to end their relationship.

Why is Natalie still confused about Shayne and Shaina?

While also showing attention to Natalie, it was obvious that Shayne had feelings for Shaina in the pods. Even though it was Shaina who ended things with him so she could be with Kyle, she immediately regretted it after seeing Shayne. Even though he and Natalie were engaged to be married, a major argument they had the night before the ceremony caused Natalie to change her mind. This caused an awkward moment with Shayne during the reunion when he was asked if he had kept in touch with Shaina after Natalie ended things.

It had seemed like their romance was a done deal until Natalie made it sound like she couldn’t forgive Shayne for what he said to her during that argument, despite their attempts to make amends. However, according to what we saw in the After the Altar teaser, Natalie appears to still be involved in the Shayne/Shaina conflict. Is this actually the case? I MUST know the reason. I hope the special provides us with all the information we need!

Sal Determined to Move On After Mallory

Naturally, Mallory found herself being asked out by both Sal and Jarrette in the pods, but she chose Sal instead of Jarrette. When she finally met Sal, she began to second-guess her choice, but she persisted in trying to work it out with him. The fissures in their relationship then truly began to appear as Sal observed Mallory and Jarrette engaging in a protracted, flirtatious conversation while everyone was in Mexico.

Sal finally decided not to wed Mallory, and neither of them wanted to try again when the movie was over. It will be wonderful to see Sal happily moving on and dating someone else as was hinted at in the After the Altar teaser. Sal did appear extremely saddened by Mallory’s continued relationship with Jarrette.

A Look At Season Three Of Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind received a significant renewal, as was noted at the beginning of this post. Seasons 3 through 5 will eventually be available on Netflix. However, we also know that the third season of Love Is Blind finished filming in March of this year and will air as part of the Netflix TV lineup in the fall. All of this makes me wish for one thing: an After the Altar sneak peek for the third season! This would be similar to us getting a glimpse of The Ultimatum at the conclusion of the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion, so if the creators can pull that off, they shouldn’t have any trouble showcasing Season 3 of this well-liked dating experiment!

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