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Lost Cast: All you need to know about the American Drama

Lost Cast

The Lost TV Series, one of the most popular shows of all time, has always been on the must-watch list. The series was on air for six long years, and parallelly, six seasons were released until 2010. The series started premiering in 2004 on the broadcasting channel ABC, and the series concluded in 2010. The entire series ended with 121 episodes, and the genre in which the series is based in Adventure, Mystery, Serial Drama, Science Fiction and Supernatural Fiction, which makes the series super interesting. The series Lost was created by Jeffery Lieber and J. J. Adams and was one of the most popular shows. Let’s have a better look at the whereabouts of the TV Series:

What is the cast of the Lost TV Series?


The cast of the TV Series is star-studded; the cast is what makes the show a prevalent one. The series includes Naveen Andrews, Emilie de Ravin, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, and Maggie Grace. The show stars a bunch of people, and these stars are revealed with every passing episode. This is because the plot of the series is situated around a plane crash and what will happen after that. The plane, which was carrying over 300 passengers, crashed on a tropical island inhabited and has only by wilderness. The survivors of the crash are almost seventy people, and they have to sustain and survive in a nearly inhabitable environment until they can get some help. The series’ six seasons have focused on survival and the clash that ensures the survival of the fittest on a remote island.

What are the reviews of Lost TV Series?

Lost Reviews

The fanbase has popularised the show, and the show has earned respect from the particular fandom. The show’s ratings tell the success story of the series; the TV Series lost has been rated with an 8.3 rating out of 10 on IMDB. The series has also been placed with an excellent 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, a website that focuses on reviewing and rating TV Series and movies. With every passing season of the show, new characters have been introduced as the passengers of the plane crash or the relatives of the plane crash. The first season of the series Lost aired on September 22, 2004, and the final season aired on ABC in 2010. 

Where can you watch Lost TV Series?

Lost Where can you watch

The Lost TV Series is streaming on the OTT platform of Hulu and can also be found on the Online Streaming Platform of Amazon Prime Video. The series is based on flight 518 of Oceanic Air crashing on an island with no one. The island is filled with strange creatures, and even supernatural events occur. The show’s filming has been done in Hawaii and mainly the North Shore of the United States of America. Some cities featured in the TV Series are California, New York, Honolulu, Iowa, Miami, and South Korea. The TV Series Lost also airs on the Online Streaming Platform Netflix, the show is one of the highest rated on IMDB, and almost over five hundred thousand people have given their responses to the Television series. 

Why was Lost TV Series so popular?

Lost Popular

Lost TV Series has been one of the most popular shows during the pandemic. It was the show binge-watched during the Covid-19 pandemic; the show had already completed airing with a bunch of 121 episodes. The series is filled with mystery and supernatural events; the fan theories were a thing when the finale season of the show aired on the original broadcasting network ABC. Currently, the show is being watched by numerous people. It has made the show very popular in recent times. 


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