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Local North Carolina News: A 11-Year-Old named Madalina Cojocari Went Missing.

The last confirmed sighting of Madalina Cojocari, age 11, was her getting off a school bus on Nov. 21. Diana, the child’s mother, allegedly reported her missing daughter to police only on December 15, after school officials asked her about the child’s location. Cops are now looking for witnesses who may have spotted Diana and her Toyota Prius in Madison County, North Carolina (Luperon, 2023).

One of the family members lived in the Madison County area of North Carolina. The child was last seen by one of her family members in North Carolina’s Madison County.

According to the authorities in a Facebook post, they are seeking firsthand eyewitness information from anyone who may have seen this Prius or white female.

The missing child was allegedly last seen getting off her school bus on November 21st. Her parents were arrested for allegedly failing to report her missing after being indicted. Police have said the couple knows more than they are letting on about Madalina’s whereabouts.

Diana Cojocari allegedly told investigators she last saw her daughter at their Cornelius home on Nov. 23. Stepfather Christopher Palmiter had driven off to Michigan to pick up items from his family’s home.

Based on Palmiter’s version of events, he left Madalina on November 23; when he last saw her, a week prior to his trip, he said he hadn’t seen her since.

Diana Cojocari, wife of Christopher Palmiter, allegedly waited for him to return on Saturday, November 26, and inquired about Madalina’s location. Palmiter allegedly claimed that he went to Michigan to pick up certain items.

According to the police, they have a strong suspicion that the parents of this missing child are not telling everything that might resolve this case.

For further investigation, the police ask that anyone with information on the whereabouts of the missing child contact them at (704) 892-7773.


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