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Local News Tennessee: A Semi-Truck Driver Charged After the Derailment Incident

Two train workers in Tennessee were hurt in a derailment that was caused by a semi-truck, and the driver of the semi-truck has been charged.

On Wednesday, news outlets reported that the driver had been detained by Collegedale Police after being accused of failing to yield, violating registration laws, and felony reckless endangerment according to an article published by Fox News on January 12, 2023.

A 134-foot concrete truss bridge beam was being transported by the truck when it was struck by a train last month as it waited for a traffic light to change. In Collegedale, a Chattanooga suburb, the collision forced three locomotiveos and ten railroad cars off the tracks, leaving what the Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management called a disastrous mess.

According to a police investigation, the driver failed to check that the tractor-trailer could completely clear the tracks before passing over them and failed to inform Norfolk Southern Railroad of his delivery route.

When the crossing arms activated, the driver tried to clear the tracks but was unsuccessful, according to officials.


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