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“Let’s Be Clear: If this Legislation Passes, Floridians Will Die”- Florida Legislature is Moving Toward Approving Permit Less Gun Possession

The initial step toward permitting any young Floridian without a criminal record to carry hidden firearms was taken by the state’s legislators in Florida, who dropped the requirement for gun safety training or state registration.

Like in the Wild West, they will not be permitted to carry pistols publicly. However, opponents highlighted that proposals proposed on Monday in the state House and Senate could significantly increase the availability of lethal weapons in Florida.

The former gun-safety activist turned congressman from Generation Z, Maxwell Frost, stated in a written statement: “Let’s be clear, Floridians will die if this measure becomes law.”

However, the major concern for House Speaker Paul Renner and a phalanx of county sheriffs who joined him at a news conference within the state Capitol was residents’ Second Amendment rights to self-defense. It is referred to as “constitutional carry.”

However, critics refer to permitting less carry.

“These rights were given to us by our Creator, not the Constitution. However, the Second Amendment put it in writing. And according to the courts, it includes a person’s right to maintain and carry weapons for self-defense,” Renner said.