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‘LET THEM GO FREE, IMMEDIATELY!’ Trump demands after Tucker Carlson’s rewrite of the Jan. 6 prisoners

Since Tucker Carlson released a fresh video from that terrible day, former president Donald Trump demanded the early release of all people now detained for their participation in the Capitol riot on January 6.

Trump commended the contentious Fox News presenter for pulling off “one of the greatest “scoops” in American journalism history.” It was not a major journalistic coup, as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave Carlson’s producers accessibility to the video to enable an extremely biased framing of this story.

Trump, who is currently being investigated for his involvement in his supporters’ violent assault on the Capitol, obviously utilized Carlson’s denial of that terrible day as justification for his support.

“I’d like to congratulate Tucker Carlson on bringing off one of the greatest “scoops” in American journalism history. The recent surveillance footage of the events on January 6th provides a completely new picture of what truly happened. The Unselect Committee was a massive SCAM, and they can now be categorically labeled as the CRIMINAL FABRICATORS OF THIS MOST IMPORTANT DAY. On security, Pelosi and McConnell failed. The Police report is depressing and challenging to watch. Most people, including “Trump,” are completely innocent; SET THEM FREE RIGHT AWAY!”

He then praised Speaker McCarthy for having the “great bravery” to provide Carlson the clip, purposely neglecting the fact that Carlson had already advocated for the concept that January 6th had been a “false flag” and had previously fooled viewers with selective editing.

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