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La Brea Amazon Prime: All you need to know about the Drama Series

La Brea Amazon Prime

The Drama Series everyone has been waiting for and the viewers have adored so much is here. Yes, we are talking about La Brea, which is currently available on Amazon Prime Video for the audience. The first season of the television series has ten episodes, and one can easily binge-watch. So, this weekend gets hooked to your television screens, grab a bag of popcorn and watch La Brea only on the Online Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video. The television series La Brea’s genre is science fiction and drama. David Appelbaum created the television series La Brea, and the country of origin for the series is the United States of America. The original release date for the first season of the television series La Brea was October 2021. The latest update related to the television series La Brea is that the second season will be arriving soon, and here we have the news:


Is La Brea available on Amazon Prime?

La Brea Amazon Prime

Well, the original broadcaster of the television series is the NBC network, but that is only for the audience in the United States of America. The other international audience can access the television series La Brea, on the Online Streaming Platform. So, now the question arises among the hundreds of Online Streaming Platforms, which is the one to access watching La Brea? The answer is the Online Streaming Platform of Amazon Prime Video has a collection of ten episodes for the first season of the television series La Brea. The series has been rated 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon Prime Video, and the audience is enjoying it in the comfort of their home.


What is the cast of the Drama Series La Brea?

La Brea Cast

The cast of the series makes it intriguing and an exciting watch. And here, we present the model of La Brea, Natalie Zea, playing the role of Eve Harris. She is a helicopter mom, has all-time surveillance on her child and also works as an office manager. Eoin Macken plays the role of Gavin Harris, and he is the husband of Eve Harris. Chike Okonkwo is the therapist and also the dear friend of Eve Harris. Katrina Logue plays the character of Marybeth Hill, a police inspector looking for her estranged kid Lucas. The other cast members for the La Brea Television Series are Zyra Gorecki, Jack Martin, veronica St. Clair, Lily Santiago etcetera. There are also some recurring cast members: Ione Sky, Toby Truslove, Stephen Lopez, Mark Lee and others. 


All to know about La Brea Season 1:

La Brea Season 1

Season 1 for La Brea was enjoyable as the story unravels in the first ten episodes that aired back in 2021. The story is about Los Angeles, where a sinkhole appears in the middle of a road, and people are sent to another unknown land. The only way to get back from that place is to stay united and help each other. The plot of the television series mainly focuses on a family living in Los Angeles who are separated because of unfortunate events. The protagonist Eve Harris, who works as an office manager, is transported to another land as the sinkhole opens. After the findings, it was revealed that the sinkhole was a portal to the Mojave Desert in 10,000 BC. The story focuses on people’s struggles to return to their homeland before the portal closes. 


What is the release date of La Brea Season 2?

La Brea Season 2 Release Date

The release date for the Television Series La Brea has been announced, and honestly, we cannot wait. The second season will release on September 27, 2022, with the first episode for season one. The story unravels after the season one finale, and we must see what’s in stock. The ratings for La Brea Season One on IMDB are 5.6 out of 10. We hope there will be a significant improvement with the second season, and we wish all the best to the team.



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