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Koch Network Will Support GOP Primary Candidates in an Effort to Counter Trump

Based on an internal memo, the donor network founded by billionaire industrialist brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch is getting ready to participate in the 2024 presidential elections with the goal of “turning the page on the past” in a highly critical criticism of former President Donald Trump.

For more than the past 15 years, the network, which is made up of various political and advocacy organizations supported by 100s of super-wealthy conservatives, had also been one of the most significant powerful forces in American politics. Within the 2020 election cycle alone, the network spent close to $500 million publicizing Republican candidates and conservative policies. However, it hasn’t before favored candidates in presidential primary elections.

Donors may gather behind a different prospective candidate as a result of the possible action against Trump. Only the former president has run for office so far.

Following a weekend conference in Palm Springs, California, where the network’s leaders defined their objectives for the following presidential election cycle, the document was distributed to the linked activists and funders. They made it simple at numerous meetings that they wanted to participate in early primaries for a variety of offices.

The letter claims that “The Republican Party is selecting terrible candidates who are supporting things that go against essential American beliefs.” And the American people are turning away from them. Democratic responses, according to the article, “also run against our core American beliefs.”

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