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Kentucky University Bans a Woman off Campus- After She Hurled a Racist Slur at a Black Freshman

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In a video, a student from a White university in Kentucky is exposed as having allegedly assaulted Black pupils and used racist slurs. Using information from NBC News, the lawyer predicted that she would leave White University on Tuesday morning.

She is shown in the video, which was captured by a senior, physically assaulting two black teenagers on Sunday. According to Fred Peters, the lawyer, the Kentucky student will leave the university either today or tomorrow. She is a young lady who is embarrassed and humiliated, he added.

Peter further said that he would assist the young woman in joining sensitivity training and treatment programs to assist her in overcoming this issue. He added that she would receive therapy for a variety of additional issues, but he made no further mention of them or provided any additional details. He concludes ‘’She will receive assistance, and that is all I can say at this time.’’

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Sayings of Kentucky University Spokeswoman

White University’s spokeswoman stated that the administration is currently at a loss for words and has no more statements to make. Rosing’s voicemail is full, and she hasn’t replied to any of the emails, Facebook messages, or SMS. Rosing was caught on camera harassing and torturing Kylah Spring, a first-year student at the University of Kentucky. She was working the university dorm’s front desk when the tragedy occurred early on Sunday.

Rosing was repeatedly assaulting Spring and shouting at her a racial slur while appearing drunk and hardly able to stand. Later on in the video, it is also seen that Rosing attempted to kick Spring while simultaneously striking another black woman.

By the time the video ends, Rosing appears to be being handcuffed and taken into custody in the dorm for abusing black people.