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Kentucky: Officer’s Weapon Unintentionally Discharged, Wounded Two Teens

Kentucky officer’s gun unintentionally discharged, wounded two teens on Monday evening.
Kentucky officer’s gun unintentionally discharged, wounded two teens on Monday evening. (Photo: iStock)

Two teenage boys were wounded when a gun from an officer of Louisville Metro Police unintentionally discharged while responding to a complaint.

Louisville Police interim Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel said the incident occurred on Monday evening while responding to a complaint that a group of juveniles had entered a vacant garage with a suspected stolen car. The officers pulled their weapons “due to multiple unknown threats,” then the garage door opened, and several teens ran out. Three teens fled while the fourth teen was apprehended, but refused to answer questions.

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 LMPD Chief Deputy Col. Paul Humphrey, wearing a blue suit, speaks at a wood lectern. There are Louisville police seals in the background.

LMPD Chief Deputy Col. Paul Humphrey spoke to news media Tuesday following an officer-involved shooting Monday. (Photo: Louisville Public Media)

Fox News reported one officer had tried to detain the suspects when his service weapon discharged one bullet. The identity of the officer was not released, as it is believed the discharge was unintentional.

It was not clear that anyone was injured until the Norton Children’s Hospital informed officers that a teenage boy had arrived with a gunshot wound. A different downtown hospital also reported that another teenage boy arrived with a gunshot wound.

The teens gave conflicting statements about their wounds and denied involvement at the garage earlier. However, the police could trace them by reviewing body-camera footage and other evidence.

Officers later confirmed the car used by the teen was stolen. The wounded boys were released from the hospital while the police officer was placed on administrative leave. Meanwhile, no charges have yet been filed.

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