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Karl Stefanovic Criticizes COVID Booster Doses, Saying, “I’m Done with the Vaccination”

The TV personality expressed his fears regarding vaccine-related side effects when discussing the announcement that Australians over 30 can now receive a 5th COVID booster dose.

When in an interview with famous physician and medical expert Nick Coatsworth on The Today Show, Karl stated, “As you know, I’m not a shining ambassador for over than two shots.”

“I’ve had COVID a few times and I’m done with the vaccine,” Stefanovic continued.

There is a huge portion of Australia that is done with them, and there is another portion that is satisfied to maintain them.

Is this vaccine effective against developing strains?

The 5th COVID booster, according to Dr. Coatsworth, will only extend protection for 8–12 weeks.

He said that the protection was just temporary and did not last for life.

Stefanovic inquired about the potential side effects of the vaccine from Dr. Coatsworth.

The other thing is that if I take another dose, I might experience complications,’ he stated.

“I have seen numerous cases online about otherwise healthy people suddenly developing cardiac problems, and it is still unclear if the vaccine is to blame for some of these problems or not.

“That worries me more than having Covid,” he continued.