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Jessica Henwick TV Shows: Her Life & Work

Jessica Henwick

Jessica Henwick is one of the names in the limelight in the entertainment industry. She is a rising star and has stunned the audience with her trailblazing performances in television shows. All you need to know about Jessica Henwick, her life, net worth and much more is here. We have also presented the viewers with the details of the television shows for which Jessica Henwick has worked. One of the Television Shows for which Jessica Henwick has worked is the ever-famous Game of Thrones. Other Television Shows for which Jessica Henwick has received appreciation are Iron Fist, The Defenders, Blood of Zeus, etcetera. Let’s first have a look at the life of Jessica Henwick, and then the television shows the star has worked for:


Who is Jessica Henwick?

Jessica Henwick

A young actor and rising star Jessica Henwick is a Britain-based entertainment star born in 1992. Her complete name is Jessica Yu-Li Henwick, and she was born in Surrey, England. Jessica Henwick’s mother belongs to Singaporean-Chinese descent, but her father is a typical British man. Jessica Henwick has lived her entire life in England but resembles Asian because of her mother’s Asian descent. Jessica Henwick is a middle child and has an older and a younger brother. She is the most adored child in the household and also the most successful. Jessica Henwick started her career by training professionally in the Redroofs Theatre School, where she gained knowledge about stage presence. Later in life, Jessica Henwick pursued her career as a theatre artist at the National Youth Theatre. It was destined for Jessica Henwick that she would make big of her name, and that is what happened. 


What are the shows of Jessica Henwick:

Jessica Henwick Shows

The first ever performance for Jessica Henwick in front of the camera is for the BBC series Spirit Warriors. Jessica Henwick played the role of ‘Bo’ in the said television series, and she excelled in the role. She also played a part in theatre, and her theatrical debut was for Running on the Cracks, which was based on the book written by Julia Donaldson. Jessica Henwick was appreciated for her role and was remarked as excellent for her debut theatrical performance. For her role in the BBC Series Spirit Warrior, Jessica Henwick trained in martial arts and was nominated for several awards. Her remarkable role came when she was cast in the television series Game of Thrones. We have mentioned the television shows that star Jessica Henwick in the lead or supporting characters:

Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones

The remarkable show with an IMDB rating of 9.2 out of 10 is none other than Game of Thrones. This show aired on the original broadcasting channel HBO in 2011 and finally concluded in 2019. Game of Thrones is one of the most watched shows, and currently, the Spin-off for Game of Thrones is the talk of the time titled ‘House of Dragons’. The television series starred one of the most famous actors, such as Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, Kit Harrington, Maisie Williams and others. Jessica Henwick was also part of the star cast of the series, and she played the character of Nymeria Sand in Game of Thrones. 


Iron Fist:

Iron Fist

Iron Fist is another show in which Jessica Henwick played the lead character of Colleen Wing. Iron Fist is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is rated 6.4 out of 10 on IMDB Ratings. The series airs on the Online Streaming platform Netflix, and one can also watch it on Disney+ Hotstar. The Television series iron fist was wrapped up after two seasons, and the cast members include Finn Jones, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, David Wenham and others.  

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