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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler Reveal Secrets Of Their Friendship In “Murder Mystery 2” Interview

Murder Mystery 2
Adams Sandler and Jennifer Anniston ( Photo: CTV)

The sequel to Netflix’s “Murder Mystery” is set to be released on Friday, featuring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler as Nick and Audrey Spitz, two aspiring private investigators.

Murder Mystery 2

Adams Sandler and Jennifer Anniston ( Photo: CTV)

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler Reunite in ‘Murder Mystery’ Sequel

The plot follows the Spitzes as they investigate the kidnapping of their friend, Maharajah Vikram Govindan, during his wedding on a private tropical island. The film promises to be a thrilling mystery that will keep audiences guessing until the end according to the interview.

In an interview, Aniston and Sandler shared insights into their almost 35-year-long friendship, which began when they met at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Los Angeles in their early twenties. The two have collaborated on three films, and their chemistry and camaraderie are evident both on-screen and off.

Aniston praised Sandler for his ability to take care of her, saying that he deeply cares for her and makes her feel taken care of. Sandler, on the other hand, lauded Aniston’s knowledge of what makes him smell and feel better. The two also shared anecdotes about their time filming the “Murder Mystery” sequel, including a few mishaps on set, such as Aniston accidentally kicking Sandler in the ribs during an action sequence.

Sandler also revealed that he has a habit of buying extravagant gifts for his co-stars, including Ferraris and Maseratis.

Aniston was shocked to hear that Sandler had purchased expensive cars for his “Grown Ups” co-stars and joked that she would settle for a scarf. The two also teased the possibility of a third “Murder Mystery” film, with Aniston suggesting that she is still considering whether or not to commit to another installment.

Overall, the interview showcased the genuine affection and humor that Aniston and Sandler share, both on and off the screen. With the release of “Murder Mystery 2,” audiences can look forward to seeing this dynamic duo back in action.

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