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Jason Momoa Left Feeling Uncomfortable During Interview About Controversial Game of Thrones Scenes

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa ( Photo: )

Actor Jason Momoa was left feeling uncomfortable during an interview with David Marchese of The New York Times when asked about his controversial scenes in Game of Thrones.

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa ( Photo: Yahoo Nachrichten )

Marchese questioned Jason Momoa about his character Khal Drogo’s wedding night scene with co-star Emilia Clarke

Jason Momoa stated that it was important to depict the character and his style, but the questioning left him with a bad feeling in his stomach, feeling as if he was being asked to remove something.

Jason Momoa also commented that as an actor, he does not have control over the scenes that are written and directed. He further mentioned that producers, writers, and directors make the decisions and actors do not have the power to refuse to do something because it is not “kosher” in the current political climate.

Clarke had previously spoken about Momoa’s professionalism on set during the filming of the scene

However, Jason Momoa’s discomfort in discussing the scene highlights the delicate balance between discussing an actor’s performance and delving into their personal life. While most celebrities are happy to discuss their work, certain topics can be off-limits or cause discomfort, particularly if they involve controversial or sensitive subjects.

Jason Momoa’s role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones brought him into the spotlight and helped to establish him as a talented actor. However, the questioning surrounding the controversial scenes shows that some actors may not be comfortable discussing their past work or certain roles.

Overall, it is essential to approach interviews with sensitivity and respect for the actor’s personal and professional boundaries.

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