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Ivana Trump Gives $1 Million to Nanny who Raised Children while Donald Receives Nothing

Vana Trump left her ex-husband former President Donald Trump from her will, leaving roughly $1 million for the nanny who nurtured her children Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Donald Jr.

According to Forbes, which cited probate records, Dorothy Curry, a longtime employee of the Trump family, got a Florida property expected to be worth over $1 million. Ivana left behind property valued at $34 million in total.

Curry began her career as a nanny “with a glitter in her eye and plenty of nervous energy,” according to Ivana, who passed away in July at the age of 73. Curry allegedly taught the Trump children prayers in English that Ivana wasn’t familiar with.

Ivana stated in her book, “I can’t claim that religion plays a major role in my life right now,” as per Forbes. “But I’m grateful the kids talked to God when they were growing up.”

The probate records show the former nanny’s location as a middle-class apartment complex in Queens, although it is unclear if she still resides there. Curry is also going to get Ivana’s dog, a Yorkshire named Tiger Trump.

Curry, who finally served as Ivana’s helper for years, appeared to be highly respected by the Trump family. In his mother’s book, Eric Trump stated that Curry was his “second mother” and remembered their time together in Curry’s native Ireland.