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It’s challenging to get approved for Social Security Disability Benefits- Even more difficult is applying as a Long Covid Patient

In July 2021, Christopher Perry fell ill but believed he was suffering from a cold.

However, Perry was brought to the hospital and placed on life support due to Covid-19 after his adult son discovered him unconscious in his living room.

The identification of respiratory lung failure has had an impact on long-term health.

Perry, 44, a Newport News, Virginia resident, can only go a short distance without getting dizzy. He visits the emergency room at least once every week due to breathing problems.

Perry remarked, “I start crying uncontrollably and I’m having trouble breathing.”

He needs medication because his weight, blood pressure, and sugar levels have increased. He also gets oxygen and breathing treatments.

“That’s all they can do,” Perry added.

Because of his illness, Perry cannot return to his full-time job at a NASA steam plant, where he previously climbed ladders and maintained boilers.

Through his employment, he ultimately got short-term and later long-term disability insurance. After a “very long difficult procedure,” Perry now only receives monthly payments from Social Security for disability compensation totaling around $1,600.

Perry said, “I didn’t realize Covid would cause all this.”

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