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California News

It is “shocking,” according to lawmaker who put out a bill prohibiting chemicals found in foods like Skittles, that the US is “far behind” the rest of the globe

A plan to restrict chemicals present in a variety of foods, including candy like Skittles, was introduced by a politician who claimed it wasn’t designed to “take things off the shelves” but rather to force businesses to change their ingredients.

According to California Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel, AB418 might be comparable to a currently passed EU regulation that prevents specific preservatives from items sold there. AB418 might outlaw the sale, production, and allocation of any food in California that included titanium dioxide, red dye No. 3, potassium bromate, propylparaben, and brominated vegetable oil.

The goal, according to Gabriel, is to simply encourage the producers to modify their ingredients in such a way as to remove the harmful substances from the food.

Titanium dioxide, usually used in paints, plastics, and adhesives, provides colors with a warmer appearance. Also, it’s linked to problems with the digestive system and DNA changes.

As reported earlier by Insider, Mars Inc., the company that makes Skittles, agreed to discontinue utilizing titanium dioxide in 2016. Yet, the substance is still labeled as an ingredient. In July of the previous year, a Californian man accused the business of attempting to utilize the substance and harming consumers’ health. Since then, the lawsuit has been discontinued.

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