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IRS’s New Soaring Income Tax Brackets Are Here

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Income thresholds for each bracket have been boosted by the agency, applying to the tax year 2023 for returns that are filed for 2024. The brackets that have shown how much you’ll owe for federal income taxes on each portion of your taxable income are calculated by subtracting the greater of the standard or the itemized deductions from your gross income adjustment.

Increased Standard Deduction

The standard increased deduction for the year 2023, increasing from up to $27,700 for married spouses filing jointly, up from an amount of $25,900 in 2022. Unmarried or single filers may claim the $13,850, an increase from $12,950.

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Other Tax Provisions Adjustment

Boosted figures of the IRS for dozens of other provisions, such as the alternative minimum amount of tax, a similar system for the recipient that is higher earners, and the estate tax exemption for the wealthy or high-earning families. There is also a higher earned income tax credit, bumping the write-off to a maximum of over $7,430 for filers with low- to moderate-income. The employees can funnel over $3,050 into their health flexible spending accounts. That’s why you should reconsider your choices whether what you want to choose if you are either married or single.


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