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Invading a power substation, two Georgian guys died through electrocution

According to the Gainesville Police Department, 2 Georgian men who were snatching copper wire from an electrical power plant were killed by electrocution and the power of a transformer explosion that followed.

According to Lieutenant Kevin Holbrook of CBS News, by about three in the morning on Monday, an individual from a neighboring company called the cops to report an incident at the power substation through the old mill. According to the authorities, robbers were trying to take copper wiring and electronic parts.

When the fire and cops’ teams arrived at the site of the incident, 2 persons had already died, according to the officials.

According to Kevin Wetzel, the deputy coroner for Hall County, the 2 guys were Shane Joseph Long, 45, and Christopher Blair Wood, 44, both of Gainesville. According to Wetzel, investigations continue to be done to find out the reason for death.

One of the males, according to Holbrook, was electrocuted to death, and “were their clear scars” on his body. He claimed that the transformer explosion may have resulted in the other man’s death. He claimed that rescue operations were difficult since 1 of the men’s bodies was discovered “one to two floors higher at the top of a transformer” and the second man’s body was discovered at the base of a substation.

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