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Inflation Relief Payments in California are Striking Bank Accounts of People

If you are also one of them, who is still waiting and hasn’t received your inflation relief payments yet. On 28 October, Friday, another round of relief payments and funds started to strike people’s bank accounts. It is also called a Middle-Class Tax Refund (MCTR). The next round of payment is for the residents who are eligible to get Direct Deposit payments. And the ones who have not received their Golden State Stimulus Payments.

In October, people can expect 90% of direct deposits to hit their bank accounts, as stated by California Franchise Tax Board. By the end of 2022, all the MCTR payments (debit cards and direct deposit) will be deposited by 95%.

Based on the Tax Board, by Friday, prepaid debit cards has mailed around 905,000 and direct deposits of around 4.5 million has been already sent. This year, California’s Inflation Relief Payments have promised people to help and support with the cost of living prices and increased gas.

The Governor and The State Legislature have decided to provide these facilities to Californians based on their family size and income/wages. And for those also, who filed income tax and are making $500,000 a year or less. And payments will be deposited and given between $200 and $1,050.

Check Eligibility for Inflation Relief Payments

To become eligible for inflation relief payments, residents must have filed their tax return (2020) by 15 October 2021. By the date when payment is issued, make sure that you are a resident of California.

How to Receive California Inflation Relief Checks

In the California Franchise Tax Board, a speaker has stated, people will receive their payments through mailed debit cards and direct deposits.

By now, the people who received golden state stimulus payment in 2021, are the only ones who have also received inflation relief checks. The state has announced one more round for debit cards and direct deposits.

How much Amount will you get for Your Inflation Relief Check?

According to the statement of the California Franchise Tax Board, the rest and remaining direct deposits will be deposited in bank accounts from 28 October, Friday to 14 November, Monday. The rest of the debit cards are being sent in batches, based on the order of the resident’s last name. And they have been sent through the mail. 

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