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Indiana Man Savagely Stabs To Death His 51-Year-Old Wife

Indiana Man
Indiana man was arrested after he savagely killed his wife. (Photo: GETTY)

A man in Indiana admitted to the police authorities that he savagely stabbed and killed his 51-year-old wife after he found her cheating.

Indiana man

Indiana man was arrested after he savagely killed his wife. (Photo: GETTY)

Indiana Man Stabbed and Killed His Wife

An Indiana man called the police and admitted that he killed his 51-year-old wife because he found her cheating. The Anderson Police Officers responded on Tuesday after they received the call. When they arrived at the scene at Williams’s home on 11th Street, they found the deceased body of the woman.

According to a report published in TRUE CRIME DAILY, the dead body was in the living room and had a laceration wound. The suspect is identified as Curtis Williams while the victim, her wife, is Claudette Williams. Curtis told the dispatchers when he called, “It was unacceptable. I accepted nothing less than death.”

During the fatal attack against Claudette Williams, Curtis Williams allegedly suffered a non-life-threatening laceration believed to have been self-inflicted. When Curtis was taken to a hospital for treatment, the wound on his body was so deep that his tendons, muscle, and bones were exposed.

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Curtis Caught His Wife Cheating

In a court document obtained by a news outlet, Curtis told the authorities, “I caught my wife cheating,” and he repeatedly said that the man fled after he caught them. Meanwhile, Claudette was alleged of attacking her husband when Curtis tried to go after the other man.

Moreover, when Curtis was asked about how many times did he stab her wife, he said,  “I don’t know man, I lost my mind, man. … It just happened, man. I lost my mind, man. … I have destroyed my life.” Furthermore, the knife used in the killing was recovered in the home where the crime happened.

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