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Indeed: Tech Jobs are Still in Demand Despite Mass Layoffs from Major Tech Firms

Tech related jobs are still in-demand.
Indeed: Tech related jobs are still in-demand. (Photo: Jobstreet)

Major tech companies have announced their plans for mass layoffs even before the start of 2023, as reported in Proclaimers. Some companies attribute their strategy to hasty hiring during the COVID pandemic. Some experts are suggesting that a recession is near. Companies are bracing for a possible downturn, while the Federal Reserve raises interest rates in an attempt to control rising inflation. 

However, labor market indicators show a different result. Broadly speaking, it is actually a good time to get a job, as tech skills are still quite in demand.

According to Indeed’s ranking, some tech-related jobs entered the top 10 job rankings, which include (1) full-stack developers, (2) data engineers, (3) cloud engineers, (5) senior product managers, (6) back-end developers, (7) site reliability engineers, (8) machine learning engineers, and (10) product designers. The other nontech jobs in the top 10 are psychiatric nurses and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, ranking at No. 4 and 9, respectively.

Indeed revealed that tech-jobs are still in-demand despite the mass layoffs from big tech companies.

Indeed revealed that tech jobs are still in-demand despite the mass layoffs from big tech companies. (Photo: Indeed)

Scott Dobroski, Indeed’s career trends expert, said that the possibilities in tech extend beyond the traditional technology giants to areas like professional services, travel, tourism, and retail.

According to CNBC, employed workers can also find opportunities to learn new skills to acquire or pursue a different career path. Workers should consider what kind of skills they need to develop. For instance, anyone can acquire some basic tech skills through online courses, certificate programs, or software engineering boot camps. People should also think about how their current skills can be transferred to another discipline. For example, a person in a human resources job may be able to leverage their skills from marketing and sales backgrounds.

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