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In Order To Double The Money, Submit Your Taxes Daily

It’s never too early to file your taxes, and to emphasize that, one tax preparer is providing a reward for doing just that. Jackson Hewitt, a tax preparer, began a weekly “Double Your Refund” sweepstakes on Monday that will run through April 2.

Americans should begin preparing their tax returns for this year as soon as possible to ensure their refund. Even though the IRS hasn’t yet specified a timeframe for processing returns, you can still file them now to ensure that yours is in line to be one of the first returns processed by the IRS and to get an entry into the Jackson Hewitt sweepstakes.

Tax refunds, for most Americans, are the single highest pay day of the year. According to Mark Steber, the majority will receive more than $3,000.

Your tax return will be among the first to be processed if you file it now to get in line for when the IRS begins processing tax returns. If there are no issues, you’ll also be among the first to receive your refund check.

We should file our taxes early for the following three reasons. This includes securing your information, giving yourself additional time to complete an accurate tax return, and setting aside money in case you end up owing someone.

Many states have some kind of scheme to freeze or lower property taxes for senior citizens in order to assist them stay in their homes. Know what is available to you and what you might qualify for.