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In November 2022, 10 Million Mail-In Ballots from California were “Unaccounted For”

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), an organization dedicated to protecting election integrity, released its investigation last week and found that 10.9 million of the 22,184,707 million ballots distributed to California’s registered voters during the 2022 midterm elections were “unaccounted for.”

Additionally, they discovered that election officials had rejected 226,250 mail-in votes. The PILF stated that “these rejections indicate potential voter disenfranchisement due to the move to mail balloting.”

In the November 2022 General Election, did California’s mail-in votes represent nearly half of the total votes cast?

According to the Public Interest Legal Foundation, mail voting techniques create an unbreachable information gap. The public is unable to identify the number of ballots that someone at the same address ignored, delivered to the incorrect mailboxes, or even withheld from the original receiver.

According to the PILF, California’s new mass-mail legislation, AB 37, which was established in 2021 during the Covid epidemic and was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, mandated that all currently registered voters in the state would automatically get ballots for upcoming elections in the mail.

Politicians in California were alerted. When Governor Newsom ordered vote-by-mail ballots for all state elections in 2020, he did so under the authority of his emergency powers.

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