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In June, There Are A Number Of Astrological Events That Will Take Place – Check Them Out Now! by Kaushiki Ghosh

Say farewell to the April showers and May blossoms of springtime, for summer’s sweet vibes are on their way – no pun intended! The ending of Mercury retrograde, the delicate sensitivity of Cancer season, and the plentiful vibrations of the summer solstice all occur this month in astrology. The cosmic happenings of this month provide equal parts thrill and heart, with a turbulent retrograde behind us and a beautiful new season on the horizon. You’ll want to check your calendars for all of June 2022’s celestial events.

We’ll be warm off the vibes of May’s new moon as we start this month, and we’ll be deep into Gemini season, which pulls out our inner social butterfly and energizes our interaction and intellectual activities. This month, both Mercury, the mental planet, and Venus, the love planet, will join Gemini, keeping the conversational and transparent vibes alive as we enjoy the summer solstice. Our appetite for adventure is piqued by a full moon in Sagittarius in the middle of the month, but our souls will become more delicate once Cancer season starts on June 21. On June 28, the intense new moon in Cancer will bring us face to face with our emotions, bringing the month’s lunar finale to a close.

Apart from that, Mercury retrograde will stop in the first few days of June (yay! ), but two other planets will begin their annual backspins soon after (womp, womp). The retrograde season will fully begin this month, with both Saturn and Neptune retrogrades beginning this month. However, after Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow has passed, we’ll be free to enjoy our vacation plans without the logistical snags and connectivity issues that plagued us for the majority of May.


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